50 Cent's ruthless disposition has become the stuff of legend. So much so that his petty feuds and scathing roasts have become to the focus of an ongoing weekly piece. While his days of engaging in rap beef are pretty much over, the television world is in the process of experiencing his wrath full scale. Such was a lesson that producer Randall Emmett learned the hard way, after 50 Cent made him and girlfriend Lala Kent the subject of his ridicule. As it turned out, Emmett owed Fifty Cent a cool million, and was ducking the payments in a Mari-esque fashion. Such prompted 50 to unleash a full offensive on Emmett, dubbing him Weinstein's second coming among other unflattering comparisons.

The barrage prompted Emmett to beg for peace, accidentally calling him "Fofty" in the process; the man even claimed to be on the verge of a heart attack, allegedly fearing for his own health. Such a position only encouraged 50 to double down, trolling Emmett's physical frailty, his girlfriend's unquenchable thirst, and his since-vandalized wikipedia page. In short, it was nothing short a massacre - and a strangely beautiful one at that. 

At this point, someone somewhere is yelling "stop, he's already dead!!!" Perhaps the panicked cry even came from Chrissy Teigen, who took a moment to bow down at the sight of 50's formidable wrath. Pledging her allegiance to the hip-hop legend, Chrissy made her position abundantly clear. "I never ever want 50 Cent to be mad at me," she writes, before getting in a small pot shot at Emmett in the process. "I'm sorry fofty." 50 took the pledge seriously, and sent a bit love back at the Teigen-Legend household. "Love you @chrissyteigen & john, these people just keep trying me," he writes, a warning to anyone who dare cross the invisible line. Expect the onslaught to continue long into the Monday.