Everybody was talking about the Power theme song last week. "Big Rich Town" has been one of the best show openers in modern television history and Joe's voice fits perfectly on the hook. Of course, 50 Cent brings his own brand of flavor to the track as well. When the new season of the program premiered in late August, social media went absolutely nuts because the original tune had been altered. Instead of Joe, Trey Songz was on the hook. That's not necessarily a bad thing, to be honest. Look, we all love Trey. What's not to love about him? He's extremely talented and has a freaking incredible voice. But you don't fix something that's ain't broke. Speaking on the controversy, 50 Cent toyed with fans by saying he might not change the theme back after all and when someone threatened to cancel him because of it, he went in.


When a hater chimed in in the comments, saying that she's about to cancel the New York tycoon, Fif clapped back by telling her that she doesn't even have the capacity to do so. "How about we just cancel you," asked the fan. Fiddy hit back: "you don't even got cable Lil bitch. LOL."

Leave it to 50 Cent to come through with the perfect response to this type of slander. Do you want him to change the theme back or are you okay with the new one?