Two esteemed Atlanta veterans, Big Boi and Killer Mike, are reportedly teaming up for a joint EP. Mike hasn’t dropped a project since he and El-P released the second installment of their acclaimed Run the Jewel series in late 2014. Big Boi has been focused on his partnership with electronic duo Phantogram, with whom he makes up the group Big Grams. They released their debut self-titled EP last year. A project between the two Dungeon Family members is a welcome surprise, especially considering all of their classic collabs over the years. 

Big Boi shared the news in an interview with Spin that focuses on the 20th anniversary of ATLiens, OutKast’s beloved sophomore album. Toward the end of the interview, Big Boi is asked if he’s been working with Killer Mike. “Boy, absolutely!” he responded. “Wait until you hear this new s**t. Killer Mike is busy as hell. I mean, he’ll come straight from the airport and go into the studio and bust on two or three records and come back again the next day.” 

Big Boi went on to say that his project with Mike will probably arrive after his own solo album, so it could be quite a while before the joint EP touches down. In any case, it’s exciting to hear that the two Southern legends are still working as hard as ever. “We’ve been entertaining the idea for a long time and finally got enough songs to where we just said the other night that we’re gonna do it,” explained Big Boi. “You getting a scoop there.”