Kid Cudi has developed something of a cult following over the course of his last few releases, which have become increasingly experimental. Still, there are no projects more beloved in the Cudi catalog than the first two Man On The Moon projects (excluding his mixtape work that is). 

When Cudder announced plans to record Man On The Moon 3 (assumed to be released after his impending double LP, Speedin’ Bullet To Heaven), early fans disappointed with his recent output rejoiced at the assumption that the project would be a return to his more accessible form, but according to Cudi, we’ll never hear that side of him again.

“News Flash: motm3 doesn’t exist. Its just a title. It will be nothing like any of my previous work just like all my releases,” he wrote on Twitter. My first 2 albums were meant to be untopped. I didn’t even think Id live to make another record after motm 2… My point is, u cant top timeless. And that was what we aim for everytime.”

The rapper respectfully told fans expecting to hear his early sound again to give up hope, writing, “So, if you dont like what Im doin now, please abort the train. Do not buy my music from here on out. Its not for you. No hard feelings.”

He went on to say that he’ll have a release date to announce very soon, which should be for Speedin Bullet To Hell, rather than MOTM3, or perhaps they’re now one in the same? We’ll keep you updated with new info.

Read his full address below. Are you excited to hear new things from Cudi, or sad to know he won’t be revisiting the MOTM style?