Back in July, Kid Cudi revealed that his new album, Speedin' Bullet To Heaven, was already 98% completed, which left many of us wishing for a Fall release date. However, since this news came about things have come to an abrupt halt with the project, and we haven’t heard much of anything since he released the lead single “Confused.” Luckily that all changed Monday night when Cudi decided to reveal some important news on the upcoming album.

Taking to Twitter, Cudi announced that his upcoming album will be a double disc effort. Instead of all new records though, like The Game's Documentary 2, Cudi says disc 2 will be compiled of extras and "unreleased jams" that'll include demos and outtakes.

Look for the album's release date to be announced sometime later this week, along with two new jams!

While we wait for all this, check out the featured article we wrote back in August that names 5 things we’re looking for in Speedin' Bullet To Heaven. Who's excited?