Earlier this week, Flying Lotus introduced us to his new supergroup WOKE, comprised of him, Thundercat, & Shabazz Palaces, with their first single, “The Lavishments of Light Looking” feat. George Clinton. In a new interview with Pitchfork, Fly Lo explained how the group came together, working with the P-Funk gawd George Clinton, what we can expect, and more. 

“The WOKE project started about three years ago,” said Fly Lo. “I, myself, and some screenwriter friends of mine started writing a script  for feature film called WOKE. It was something that we developed for quite a while. Initially, it was going to star Ishmael [Butler] from Shabazz Palaces and [Brainfeeder artist] Jeremiah Jae. We worked on it for a while, started workshopping, but there’s always the financial issue—I haven’t found anyone who is going to invest in the film.”

He said they currently have around nine tracks in the bag and hope to eventually take the project on tour. To learn more about WOKE, scope the rest of the interview.