Remember when Rick Ross was charged with assault, battery and kidnapping for supposedly pistol-whipping one of his groundskeepers? Apparently Rozay did the guy so bad that he couldn’t eat solid food. Ross spent about a week in jail before getting out on $2 million bail. Well, now it seems that Ross’ victim has somehow made friends with one of the MMG boss’s biggest rivals, 50 Cent, as the two were pictured together at an EFFEN vodka special event.

50 posted a picture of himself with a friend named Jonathan, who, according to 50, was “kidnapped and assaulted.” 50 also said, “he has chipped teeth from being pistol whipped.” So far, Jonathan meets the description of Ross’ victim. 

“I can’t imagine how bad that hurt,” 50 continued, “Wait I bet it hurts like being a CO/ Rapper in Jail” — now he’s definitely talking about Ricky, referring to Ross’ past occupation as a correctional officer in Florida during the early ’90s. 

50 finished the post by writing that the Rozay-aimed jabs are coming, not from Curtis Jackson, but rather, from Kanan, the character he plays on his Starz TV series “Power.”

It’s never obvious how seriously we can take Fif on social media, so let’s ask: Is this really the dude Rick Ross pistol-whipped? He doesn’t look too beaten up in the pic…