Akon Claims Plies Jacked "I Wanna Love You" From Trick Daddy

He sent the track via email & it was intercepted by Plies, who dropped his version. The official release featured Snoop.

BYErika Marie
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Hip Hop loves a good tale from its history, and often, we receive untold stories that seem unbelievable. This story arrives thanks to Akon who, during his recent appearance on Sway's Universe, made claims about Plies hijacking a track that was intended for Trick Daddy.

In 2006, Akon dropped his smash hit "I Wanna Love You" featuring Snoop Dogg, but releasing the track as it now stands wasn't Akon's intention. According to him, when he made the song, he had a Florida icon in mind.

“It was originally supposed to be for Trick Daddy," said the singer. "So, I write the record, I’m like, ‘This is gon’ be crazy.' My little brother Bu comes in the room and hears the record. ‘Ni**a, you crazy? You ain’t giving up this record.’ I said, ‘Bu, trust me, this record...we good. I can make more.'”

He added: “I had already sent the record out, and Trick is on the road at this point. The record went to the Slip N Slide email. Plies picked the record up. Plies ambushed that motherf*cka.”

The track already had the Akon singing the chorus so it would be all set for Trick. However, Plies had other plans.

“Plies heard it off top, but it wasn’t his. It didn’t matter," said Akon. "Plies took his voice—because I used to always send my tracks with my chorus already on it—so all he had to do is put verses. He put the verses on it and leaked the record. The record becomes the biggest record in Florida satellite radio.”

Akon added that before they could move forward with Snoop on the song, they had to first hash out legal issues with Plies. Check out the interview below.

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