Once again, the world is talking about Kanye West. The mogul’s name has been on the tips of tongues for weeks due to the unraveling of his latest media blitz. We’ve seen West go from targeting clothing brands to his ex-wife to Pete Davidson to Black Lives Matter to the Jewish community, and the latest fuel to the fire has been his interview with Drink Champs.

After his appearance on The Shop was pulled due to his alleged anti-Semitic, anti-BLM statements, Revolt and Drink Champs quickly added West to their roster of interviews for a surprise look.

(Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images for DailyWire+)

However, reactions to this conversation have been scathing as it hasn’t only been West who has taken hits. The rapper claimed that George Floyd died from fentanyl, not Derek Chauvin kneeing on his neck for almost nine minutes. It was later reported that Floyd’s family was considering suing West over his comments that were debunked in court, and others stated that West’s ally Candace Owens should also be named in potential litigation.

In response, she took to Twitter to double down on West’s remarks and tout her anti-BLM documentary.

“George Floyd’s family didn’t even stop by his house to collect his belongings. They left his car and personal items abandoned in his house. Now they’re mad my documentary TELLS THE TRUTH about the fatal levels of fentanyl discovered in Floyd’s autopsy.”

“I think you should consider how defamation law works in this country. Did you know that truth is an absolute defense against it? Did they pick up Floyd’s belongings? Did Floyd not say ‘I can’t breathe’ before he was laid on the ground? ‘Sue her!’ is not an argument.”

She has been battling it out with naysayers on social media. Check out her tweets below.