DJ Akademiks Explains Female Fight Incident, Freddie Gibbs Trolls Him

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The media personality claims he was breaking up a fight, while Freddie Gibbs clowned his self-seriousness.

Ak is back in the news this weekend after a Thursday video of him between two women went viral. In the clip, DJ Akademiks is seen shouting at his girlfriend and separating her from a fight with a red-haired woman. "Respect the game!" you can hear him shout. "Stop this s**t! I'm the n***a! I'm the f**king prize!" His girlfriend also knocked his hat off as she continued trying to fight the red-haired woman, and she responded in kind.

Regardless of the situation's concerning nature, particularly from Akademiks' part, there's been no shortage of memes or clowning of the host online, especially in tandem with the disses Lil Baby threw his way this weekend. Freddie Gibbs, with whom Ak's been beefing for a few years now, was all for it. He posted a video on TikTok and Instagram reacting to the viral clip. "I'm the n***a?" he asks. "You the n***a?" He couldn't control his laughter as Ak walked off camera, screaming "I'm the prize!"

In The Shade Room's comment section, the former Everyday Struggle host explained the viral clip. According to Akademiks, the fight between the two ladies broke out when his girlfriend got jealous that other girls were going up to him at a party for pictures. He says his girlfriend was drunk and he was trying to break up a fight between them.

"My girl was getting in a fight and was drunk.. I was stoppin two women from fighting. She got mad cuz women were going up to me in a party taking pics." He further elaborated with another comment, explaining that the video started when the red-haired woman swung at Ak's girlfriend.

"At the end of the day, even if my chick is disrespecting me, and wildin’ out in public– granted, she was drunk– you don’t want nobody to jump your girl,” he continued in a livestream. “But also, I can’t hit nobody. I can’t hit the other girls, I gotta just be like ‘Yo chill, let’s kinda break it up.'”

Freddie Gibbs could only laugh at the situation. "Damn, this n***a be hella tough getting him some b***hes, that's for sure," he said in the TikTok clip. "Oh my God... 'I'm the f**king prize!'", and he proceeded to laugh through the rest of the clip. Last time he traded shots with Akademiks was just a few days ago, when Freddie said Ak is trying to blackball him in the industry.

The Indiana rapper also threw some Twitter jabs at the show host, calling out his bald spot when his girlfriend took his hat off and telling his fans never to trust a man who takes his hat off.

Freddie and Ak's beef goes way back to a 2020 argument over Jeezy, and since then the two have exchanged shots and jabs to no end. However, in an interview last month with Funk Flex on Hot 97, Gibbs revealed he still has some love for his rival.

“I love Akademiks,” he stated. “We gonna have a sit-down, but you had to get that shit for all that shit you’ve been kicking. You had to get that.” Freddie admires Ak for speaking his mind with free rein, a sentiment Freddie of all people can get behind.

He went on to say that “if we were to have a conversation, we’d probably be cool, I take it too. I’ll take everything he say, and I love it. But you gotta take it when I give back.”

Stay tuned to HotNewHipHop to see if this beef will get squashed, and whether more info comes out on DJ Akademiks and his middle-man incident. You can also check out some more hilarious reactions to the fight below.

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