Draymond Green Allegedly Punched Jordan Poole Because Of His Contract Extension

Draymond allegedly called Jordan a “b*ch” ‘multiple times.

BYLawrencia Grose
Draymond Green Allegedly Punched Jordan Poole Because Of His Contract Extension

The video footage of the altercation between Draymond Green and Jordan Poole broke the internet yesterday. For hours, thousands of social media users talked about the powerful punch that knocked Poole to the ground.

While no one knows what exactly caused the fight, TMZ Sports seems to have a clue. According to their sources, Poole was set to get a contract extension with the Golden State Warriors, which Green had apparently been hoping for.

It was reported that Poole's good news had gone to his head and that he was maneuvering arrogantly, causing friction between him and his fellow teammates.

Those at the practice-turned-boxing match told the media outlet that Poole had called countless fouls on Green during a scrimmage. This resulted in Green calling him a "b*tch" multiple times out of frustration.

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According to TMZ, the drama unfolded when Poole allegedly told Draymond, "You know what it is." -- apparently boasting about his extension. Draymond then walked up to him, reportedly saying, "No, I don't know; what is it," before things got physical.

Following their dispute, Draymond apologized to his teammates for his actions. While no one from the Golden State Warriors team or the National Basketball Association has spoken on the video since it came out, some athletes had things to say beforehand.

During an interview, Stephen Curry claimed that Poole's attitude had not changed, and was not the cause of the scuffle. Andrea Iguodala also shared a tweet in Poole's defense. He wrote, "What we not gone do is talk crazy about my young fella JP… great character kid."


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