Draymond Green was the talk of the NBA just a couple of days ago as it was revealed that he got into a fight at practice with Jordan Poole. Klutch Sports tried to control the narrative early as they said that Poole had been acting differently ever since winning an NBA title.

Eventually, it was reported that this was not the case and that Green was simply acting out of pocket. The report was that Green punched Poole in the face after some trash talk in practice. Poole was fine after the altercation although Green is facing a suspension for what he did.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Now, the official footage from the altercation has been uncovered by TMZ. As you can see in the video down below, Green gets mad at Poole and steps up to him. When Green chest bumps Poole, the young player pushes him. This prompts Green to throw a vicious punch that landed in Poole’s face. Warriors players immediately rushed to the scene where they split the two players apart.

It’s a jarring piece of video that showcases just how intense these practices can be. Green is a player who has always been aggressive, but even this seems wildly out of line.

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