Myles Garrett faced an incredibly scary situation on Monday as he crashed his Porsche after leaving Browns practice in Cleveland. Garrett had a passenger in the car with him, and after flipping multiple times, he and the passenger were transported to the hospital.

At the time of the report, it was said that Garrett and his friend would not be facing any life-threatening injuries. They were simply treated for some minor bumps and bruises, which is obviously good news for every single person involved.

Last night, another update was given in regards to Garrett. According to his agent, Garrett sustained zero broken bones. There is no telling when Garrett will make his way back to the field, although the Browns certainly avoided a major disaster.

As you can see in the photo posted to Twitter, below, you can see that this was a very scary crash that could have been a lot worse. His Porsche was totaled and it had to be taken away on a flatbed truck.

Luckily, everyone involved in this crash is okay. That is all that matters here, especially when you consider what could have been.

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