Yesterday, DJ Akademiks caught Toya Johnson’s wrath after he spoke about her daughter. During a live stream, the entertainment and music commentator went on a rant about Reginae’s failed relationship with rapper YFN Lucci. He stated, “Reginae loved hood n*ggas; she loved YFN Lucci… You know these b*tch– let me not call her a b*tch. These chicks love a hood n*gga until he’s facing 25 to life.”

It didn’t take long for the 38-year-old to call him out on her social media accounts. She shared a post warning him to keep her daughter’s name out of his mouth. “@akademiks I can’t stand men that do b*tch sh*t… Clout chasing is at an all time high. Let her live her 23 yr old life,” the mother of two added.

Hundreds of social media users took her side, claiming that AK’s comments were harsh and unnecessary. Of those who agreed with the latter was T.I., one of the most prominent rappers hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. For years, he has shared a tight-knit relationship with Toya, Reginae, and Lil Wayne. Because of this, he felt the need to come to their defense.

Tip, born Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., took to Instagram in hopes of getting in contact with AK. “I would love to have a word with Akademiks. I put a call out to him; hopefully we can communicate our way to a positive resolution,” the rapper said in a video.

Additionally, he wrote, “She was raised by a village who loves and protects her [with] all our physical and spiritual abilities… She is MY business. Hence why I’d love to handle the matter privately (which is why I been calling & txtn trying to speak with you.)

Check out his post below.