Boosie Gets Pulled Over Again, Raps "Set It Off" For Police

This time around, the Baton Rouge rapper opted to rap instead of rage.

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After being pulled over by the police last month, Boosie vowed to keep a cool head if it ever happened to him again. He kept his word on Friday after being pulled over again for speeding in Fulton County, Georgia. According to police, Boosie was pulled over for going 73 mph in a 55mph zone and tossing an unknown object out the window while driving. Officials also said they smelled weed in the vehicle when they stopped the rapper, which prompted them to search his vehicle. 

Refusing to lose his cool like the last time, Boosie opted to rap the lyrics to his 2006 smash hit "Set It Off" in front of the officers instead of going off on them. While filming the incident, Boosie shared, "They got me pulled over again, so I'm finna perform a concert in front the police. You wanna talk s***? You wanna run your mouth? You want some gangstas front your muth***** house? We'll set this b**** off."

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Officers say they found a small bag of weed in the Baton Rouge rapper's car after performing a search but they let him go with just speeding and littering citations. Boosie's recent run-in with the law is a far cry from the last time he was pulled over by police. In July, he was pulled over and handcuffed due to his vehicle having dark tint and concealed tags, and for smelling of marijuana. Needless to say, Badazz went off on a tirade against the police while handcuffed on the side of the highway. Shortly after, he took to social media to apologize for his behavior, saying, "I lost my cool this morning... I've been being targeted. I'm doing right. I ain't in no trouble. I don't f*ck with nobody. I ain't in no beef out here. I ain't gone back down. I ain't doing nothing wrong."

Check out the video below. 


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