Boosie has gained a notable following not only through his music, but for keeping notoriously true to self no matter how people might feel. Though some may find themselves put off by Boosie's unapologetic demeanor, others -- including many of his hip-hop peers -- appreciate him for his authenticity.

Young Thug, who previously connected with Boosie on Barter 6 highlight "Can't Tell," recently took a moment to celebrate the rapper on Gillie Da Kid and Wallo's Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast. Specifically, the Baton Rouge icon's status as "the realest in the game," by Thugger's own assessment. 

Young Thug

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"I call Boosie a real-life gangsta," explains Thug, as Gillie shifts in his seat. "Boosie been slingin' since he was 12, 13, man. That's a real gangsta. Got caught, did the time, didn't tell on nobody. Beat that shit, came home like a man. Still gonna handle his business to this day, if it ever comes toward him. That's a gangsta -- there ain't too many of them." 

"My gangsta is different from a lot of people's gangsta," continues Thugger. "You have to go through something, life or death, to show your loyalty and to show that you're real -- for me to be like 'you're a gangsta.' Not just taking care of no goddamn kid, that ain't gangsta. You supposed to do that! You don't supposed to go to jail for somebody I killed, so if you do that, and stay loyal, that's gangsta. Not taking care of your child or paying your mama's bills. You supposed to do that."

Boosie Badazz

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Clearly, Thugger still has a lot of respect for his former collaborator, to whom he paid homage on the I'm Up classic "Fuck Cancer." Check out his assessment on Badazz, which provides a deeper glimpse into his own principles, below. For much more insight into the enigmatic Thugger, be sure to check out his appearance on Million Dollaz Worth Of Game - it's a quality watch for anybody looking to learn more about the YSL leader. 

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