Reginae Carter Does TikTok Challenge Paying Homage To Lil Wayne

Reginae is definitely her father's biggest fan.

BYLawrencia Grose
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Reginae Carter is Lil Wayne's oldest child. Born in 1998, the now 23-year-old has always shown love and admiration for her father, often referring to him as the greatest all of time and one of her best friends. The two have countless pictures and videos floating around on social media that greatly depict the bond they share.

Reginae Carter Does TikTok Challenge Paying Homage To Lil Wayne
Prince Williams/Getty Images

Infatuated with her father's success, Reginae decided to pay homage to him by participating in a Tik Tok trend. The "Studio Challenge", which has been blowing up on the video sharing app, is centered around people acting as if they're about to record a song. It is usually started by someone walking into a room, dapping people up, and grabbing the necessary equipment they need to deliver their act. 

Following this, the lights would go dim, people turned on the flash on their cell phone, a mic (or some type of comical object) dropped, and the person began reciting lyrics. Some of the most popular songs used for the challenge are "Blah Blah Blah" by Rich Homie Quan and "Top Off" by Gunna

However, being that Weezy has a plethora of songs to choose from, Reginae wanted to think outside of the box. Using his "Mr. Carter" record, Reginae mimicked his entire look. She wore baggy shorts and a hat which heavily resembled young Wayne in the early 2000s. To add some animation, she rode a skateboard before picking up a cup filled with Dusse.

In place of a microphone, Reginae used a golden Grammy award and began rapping her dad's bars word for word. Her caption for the video read, "... [and] don't forget WEEZY BABY... y'all know imma do it my way." 

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