Chubbs and Drake have responded to Pusha T’s recent claim that they got him banned from Canada in a post on Instagram, Sunday. Pusha had remarked during an interview on Drink Champs that his beef with the Toronto crew is preventing him from visiting the country.

“We Don’t Ban N****z We Welcome Them With Open Arms,” Chubbz wrote in the caption of his post.

Drake added in the comments, “come on over,” with a laughing emoji.

Drake & Chubbs Deny Getting Pusha T Banned From Canada: "Come On Over"
David Becker / Getty Images

The topic of being banned from Canada arose on Push’s episode of Drink Champs when reflecting on his beef with Drake. 

“I’m banned from Canada,” he revealed on the show, to which N.O.R.E. joked that Push went “too far” on his diss.

Push responded: “I don’t care. There is no ‘too far’! I don’t play like that—that’s why you don’t play with me… Leave me alone! Leave me be because there is no too far!”

It’s possible Push’s difficulty getting into Canada stems from a brawl that took place during one of his concerts in Toronto back in 2018. After performing a Drake diss track during the show, fans became upset with the rapper and an all-out brawl ensued.

Pusha recently declared himself to be done with his Drake beef, saying on The Breakfast Club that there’s nothing more he wants out of it.

Check out Chubbs’s post on Instagram below.