Jayda Cheaves Channels Lil Kim At New York Fashion Week

Jayda showed love to Kim by wearing the same Chanel leotard from years ago.

BYLawrencia Grose
Jayda Cheaves Channels Lil Kim At New York Fashion Week

Jayda Cheaves may have started as an Instagram influencer, but she has transitioned into much more than that. From acquiring brand deals to creating her own business, the 25-year-old has managed to turn social media into a paycheck. Although she has become a businesswoman, she has still utilized her platforms to post her lifestyle.

Recently, the mother of one attended New York Fashion Week. While there, she channeled an iconic rapper in the hip-hop industry-- Lil Kim. Jayda sported a one-piece Chanel leotard. The white piece gripped her neck and showed off her backside. To accessorize, she wore shades that matched the leotard's writing, a shoulder bag, and orange and red pumps. In an attempt to spice up the look, she included a huge ice cream cone with sprinkles resembling her outfit. 

To show who inspired her, she posted a picture of Lil Kim wearing the same outfit. Since uploading the comparison, Jayda has gotten plenty of compliments on her effort to honor a legend.

However, even if she would not have received praise, she probably wouldn't have cared. On several occasions, the Georgia native has defended her style against internet trolls. She once wrote on Instagram, "When are y'all going to realize that I don't care that y'all hate how I dress. Y'all been saying this for quite some time now. Give it up! Oh and can't forget, 'She's too short for that.' Beat ittttt! [laughing emojis]. 

Check out Jayda's look compared to Lil Kim's below. 

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