Bobby Shmurda has been waiting on a trial for 419 days after being arrest all the way back on December 17, 2014. He has appealed his $2 million bail seven times since then, but the judge has denied him his bail each time.

Now the Brooklyn emcee has hit yet another obstacle to freedom, albeit a slightly different one than reducing his bail. Judge Abraham Clott, who took the case on after previous Judge James Burke left in January, has decided to split up the group of men arrested in conjunction with Shmurda and try them on different dates.

The original February 22 date will now only be a trail for Rashid “Rasha” Derrisant and Alex “A-Rod” Crandon. A second trial date has been set for May 11, during which Ackquille Pollard (real name of Bobby Shmurda), Chad “Rowdy Rebel” Marshall, Santino “Cueno” Boderick and Nicolas “Montana Flea” McCoy will appear before the court.

It’s unclear if the split has to do with which charges are being brought against which parties, or if the involvement and severity of sentencing will be reduced for one group. Shmurda is being charged with conspiracy to commit murder in the second degree, reckless endangerment, two counts of criminal possession of a weapon and one count of criminally using drug paraphernalia.

Previously, there was hope that Wu-Tang album owner Martin Shkreli would bail the rapper out, but since his arrest by the FBI those plans have been put on hold.



Bobby Shmurda's Trial Delayed Until May