Last Wednesday, rapper Young Dolph was shot and murdered in his hometown of Memphis, TN. The hip-hop community, both in Memphis and around the globe, has been in deep mourning, remembering Dolph’s contributions to his community through his actions and music.

During his appearance at Reform Alliance and Roc Nation’s job fair at Madison Square Garden, Jadakiss reflected on Dolph’s impact and death, calling for an end to the violence. 

“It’s something that we have to put an end to,” he said. “Everybody uses their platform for a lot of different things, but we have to stop killing us. We have to stop immediately. ASAP. Effective-as-of-now. Violence in general — losing so many young, talented brothers and sisters in this Hip-Hop culture, it has to cease at some time or another.” 

<a href="/profile/Jadakiss" class="text-word" target="_blank" >Jadakiss</a> Speaks On <a href="/profile/young-dolph" class="text-word" target="_blank" >Young Dolph</a>’s Death: "We Gotta Keep His Legacy Going"
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Dolph was killed in the early hours of Wednesday morning, picking up cookies at the local bakery. He was reportedly planning on giving out Thanksgiving turkeys to the neighborhood later that day. After news that Dolph had been shot spread across social media, hundreds of thousands swarmed online in mourning. Fans and artists alike have been in disbelief that the Dum and Dummer rapper is gone. 

Jadakiss said the goal now is to keep his legacy going. “Hopefully we do the best we can for his children, his mother, and his loved ones,” he said. “Let’s keep them in our prayers.” You can watch the full clip of Jadakiss speaking on the situation below. 

HotNewHipHop sends our condolences to Young Dolph’s close communities and loved ones. Rest in peace, Dolph.