It appears that not everyone is enthusiastic about T.I. making waves in the comedy circuit. The Rap icon has dominated the music industry for decades, and recently, T.I. shared that he has added his name to the growing list of aspiring comedians hoping to turn heads in stand-up comedy. We’re recently reported on T.I. taking to stages and receiving co-signs from comedy legends, but Godfrey isn’t quite convinced about T.I.’s new career path.

In a recent interview, Godfrey spoke about the rapper and said that he doesn’t yet consider T.I. to be a comedian. He also mentioned a recent show where he decided to skip T.I.’s set because the self-proclaimed King of the South apparently went on after him, the headliner, and that’s a no-no, according to Godfrey.

T.I. Claps Back At Godfrey After He Insults Rapper's Comedy Aspirations
Thos Robinson / Stringer / Getty Images

T.I. caught wind of the famed comedian’s remarks and jumped on Instagram Live to respond. He said that Godfrey could have had a conversation that could “add value” but instead, incited a discussion of “opposition.”

“I’m not your opponent,” said T.I., adding that if Godfrey had stopped to watch his set, he would have heard T.I. tell the crowd that he’s “not a comedian,” but “a superstar.” He also stated that he’s been rapping since he was eight years old and it took him 20 years to acquire fame in that field, so he’s not looking to jump into another thinking he is ahead of anyone.

“That’s why I’m King of the South today, because I took it that serious,” said T.I. “They said I couldn’t do it.” Check it out below.