With the very recent divorce taking effect, the current saga regarding the artist formerly known as Kanye West has been tumultuous to say the least. The most recent backlash has been in response to The Game’s “Eazy” music video, in which Ye displayed a claymation decapitated version of Pete Davidson. Now, Ye has spoken on the issue.

Kanye West Responds To "Eazy" Video Backlash & <a href="/profile/KimKardashian" class="text-word" target="_blank" >Kim Kardashian</a> Concern: "Art Is Not A Proxy For Harm"
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Upon the release of the visuals for the song “Eazy,” Twitter and social media began to frenzy over the symbolic nature of the video. Many acted as if an animated, clay version of Kanye plucking Pete Davidson’s head as a rose was a direct threat on his life and should be taken as a heinous crime. Pete himself, however, found the entire notion “hysterical,” while Kim Kardashian aligned with the idea that it was a problem. Hip Hop fans took some time to point out that the artform has always had artistic expression of ideas, and there was no need for the concern.

Although the end of the video states “JK, he’s fine” regarding Pete’s wellbeing, Kanye still had to take to Instagram to explain artistic expression. He posted an explanation on his Instagram page, detailing his intentions:

“Art is therapy just like this view. Art is protected as freedom of speech. Art inspires and simplifies the world. Art is not a proxy for any ill or harm. Any suggestion otherwise about my art is false and mal intended.”

The video is home to other symbolism regarding Kanye’s current life, so seeing it as a means of expression would be understandable as well (depending on your viewpoint).

We’ll keep you updated on any new developments, so stay tuned to HNHH for more information.