Azealia Banks has voiced her concerns about many issues of race through her Twitter account, and today she decided to criticize black media for the way they cover her, as well as their refusal to play her music. 

Banks argued that outlets like BET and HOT 97 allow male artists to “fuck up, rape people, murder people, have sex with underage people,” without losing their support, meanwhile, Banks’ outspoken behavior is often cast in a negative light.

Azealia later responded directly to a tweet from BET, calling them out for “laughing” at her when T.I. threatened her with physical violence. 

She then acknowledges that she’s modeled for “white man’s magazines” like Playboy, but argued that the only reason she does so is that they’re the only ones showing support. “Urban magazines don’t invite me anywhere….. not even to take a picture of my foot,” she wrote.

View all of her tweets below.

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Azealia Banks Says Black Media Publications Have Damaged Her Brand