In the midst of her latest tirade against Nicki Minaj (and Doja Cat by extension), Azealia Banks made some wild claims about having an affair with Dave Chappelle. 

“I have actually fucked a lot of fucking very powerful fucking men,” said the rapper. “I should ruin your fucking marriage, I should tell the world we fucked. What the fuck I’m keeping secrets from y’all n***as for? Nah, Dave Chappelle can fuck me again. That was some good black dick.”

As expected, social media has gone bonkers with this revelation, joking about Azealia Banks and how she can make the strangest claims at times. For the last five years, she has remained semi-relevant almost solely because of the crazy shit that comes out of her mouth. This, like other times, elicited a strong reaction.

A number of people are predicting that the comedian, who is a married man, will come for Azealia during his next special. Others are calling her out for her previous remarks that she does not have sex with black men. 

At the end of the day, the legitimacy of these claims is really shotty. Azealia Banks isn’t always the most believable and she seemingly loves to tear other people down. Do you think this actually happened though?