He may be a comedian, but Dave Chappelle is also respected as a commentator on the culture. For decades, Chappelle has used his talents, and his platform, in an effort to shed light on issues plaguing politics, entertainment, and social justice issues. In a surprise move, in the wee hours of Friday (June 12) morning, Chappelle’s 27-minute special 8:46 with Netflix was shared. The special was reportedly filmed on June 6 in Yellow Springs, Ohio, where Chappelle spent much of his childhood. 


In true Dave Chappelle fashion, he didn’t hold back as he addressed the recent slayings of black people. During the special Chappelle called out controversial Black conservative Candace Owens, insulting her…uh, nether regions… in the process. “I seen Candace Owens try to convince white America, ‘Don’t worry about it. He’s a criminal anyway,'” Chappelle recalled of Owens making a 15-minute video of how George Floyd shouldn’t be respected because of his criminal past. ‘I don’t give a f*ck what this n*gga did. I don’t care what this n*gga did. I don’t care if he personally kicked Candace Owens in her stanky p*ssy. I don’t know if it stanks, but I imagine it does. If I ever find out, I’ll let you know for sure. I’ll tell like Azealia Banks. I’ll tell.”

The joke is a reference to Azealia Banks’s recent confession that she had an affair with Dave Chappelle. “I have actually f*cked a lot of f*cking very powerful f*cking men,” Banks said. “I should ruin your f*cking marriage, I should tell the world we f*cked. What the f*ck I’m keeping secrets from y’all n*ggas for? Nah, Dave Chappelle can fc*k me again. That was some good black d*ck.” 

Chappelle laughed at his own joke but didn’t confirm whether or not Azealia Banks was telling the truth. Did you check out 8:46 yet? If so, what did you think about the Netflix special?