Charlamagne Tha God has seemingly made it a habit of calling out Kanye West when and how he sees fit. The Breakfast Club host has done it in recent times, when he asked fans to stop “d-riding the dysfunction,” or when he called out Ye for his aggressive and not-so-God-like bar about Pete Davidson. Perhaps given his outspoken nature on Kanye, even old interviews of Charlamagne calling out Kanye have re-surfaced– a 2013 Breakfast Club interview he did with Kanye West, where he sort of shuts down the rapper’s fashion aspirations and tells the Yeezy artist that we love him solely for the music, has also been making the twitter rounds as of late.

Thus, it should come as no surprise that on the most recent episode of the Brilliant Idiots podcast, Charlamagne is back in his bag and fleshing out his opinions on Ye. This time, it has to do with the ambiguous Stem Player and the roll out for the new album (in progress) Donda 2.

Charlamagne Tha God Questions Kanye West's Stem Player: "It's Not Smart If You Selling Music"
John Sciulli/Getty Images

As the podcast episode is coming to an end, Charlamagne gets into the topic of Kanye when realizing he is on Kanye’s “beef” list, to which he says, “salute to Kanye.” From there, he and his podcast companions, Andrew Schulz and Wax, start discussing the benefits (or lack thereof) of the Yeezy Stem Player.

As far as the Stem Player is concerned, Charlamagne had this to say: “It’s smart if you selling tech, it’s not smart if you selling music.” He continued, “If I’m an artist I don’t know why I would be celebrating that, it’s not like they paid $200 for music, they paid $200 for a Stem Player.”

When it comes to certain opinions that Kanye is going to revolutionize the music industry with this rollout and device, Charlamagne wonders, “How does this revolutionize the music industry? ‘Cause you even gotta be a certain caliber of artist to make somebody buy something for $200…There’s a few artists that can do that. Kanye’s one of them, Drake’s one of them. Rihanna. The Adeles.”

From there, they try to understand what the Stem Player even is, without having much like, leading Charlamagne to contend, “Even if I like the music, I still wanna know what that something is that I’m buying,” before he finally adds, “What happens to other artists?”

Do you think he raises some good points? Check out the episode of the podcast below.