Mac Miller’s GO:OD AM was meant to start your day off on the right foot. The positive-minded rapper boasts a smooth flow throughout the project, so it isn’t just the name that makes us want to bump these tracks first thing in the morning.

The production flirts between the Kanye/Just Blaze soulful vibe and the more modern future-trap leanings of Atlanta rap. Handled primarily by ID Labs, with contributions by Vinylz, Frank Dukes, FKi, Big Jerm and more, the instrumentals are perfect for that rise-and-grind mentality.

From the alarm clock going off at the beginning of “Brand Name” to that slow-rise “Ascension,” GO:OD AM has a handful of solid joints for your wake-and-bake (or simply wake) playlist. We’ve selected our five favorites for you to rise to.

“Brand Name”

5 Best "GO:OD AM" Songs To Wake Up To

This one was a shoe-in. It’s the first full-length track on the album. It starts out with an alarm clock going off. The music video starts with dawn. “Brand Name” will kick you up out of bed and begin your day on the right foot.

“Rush Hour”

5 Best "GO:OD AM" Songs To Wake Up To

If you have a morning commute, the name of this track alone might give you anxiety. But despite the title, the track is too chill, with a jazzy vibe and lyrics that begin with:

“I give a fuck less and less everyday
The more you give a fuck, I guess the less you make (Money)
Homie we just out here tryna elevate”

Hopefully it’ll help you out in caring a little less about that traffic you’re sitting in. Remember: deep breaths.

“Two Matches” ft Ab-Soul

5 Best "GO:OD AM" Songs To Wake Up To

Some people start their day with prayer, others begin it with music. You could find some spiritual value in the Ab-Soul-assisted “Two Matches” off GO:OD AM, which encourages you to ask the question, “What’s a life if you never take a risk?” before assuring you that “Ain’t a place too far, ain’t a dream too big. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little bit of fun.” The cooled-out beat doesn’t hurt for that early morning appeal either.


5 Best "GO:OD AM" Songs To Wake Up To

DJ Dahi only produced one of the tracks on GO:OD AM, but he really made it count. More of a song than just a beat, “ROS” is a slow-starter, just like most of us are after the alarm clock goes off. 


5 Best "GO:OD AM" Songs To Wake Up To

ID Labs did some of his best work with GO:OD AM, and “Ascension” is a testament to that. The slow-driving, piano-lead beat is relaxing and leaves plenty of room for Mac Miller to spit some heady lyrics.

“Crucifix heavy, who gon’ carry mine?
Yeah, what’s with all this talk about Hell and Satan
And sleep deprevation
If this is planet Earth, then my hell’s a basement”