DJ Dahi

Real Name
Dacoury Natche
Date of Birth
Mar. 10, 1983 - Age 40
Inglewood, California

Artist Bio

DJ Dahi’s beats will stand the test of time. Born in Inglewood, CA, the producer born Dacoury Natche creates textured, melodic instrumentals that inspire rappers to come only with their best. His songs haven’t necessarily been the biggest Billboard hits of all time, but the supremacy of Dahi’s beats is unquestionable. Deep, delicious cuts like “Money Trees” off Kendrick’s GKMC and “All In A Day’s Workfrom Dr. Dre’s Compton are just a few impressive entries from the West Coast producer’s resume. Drake’s “Worst Behaviour” is probably Dahi’s biggest hit to date, and if the universe swings towards justice, then more light is bound to shine on this talented beatsmith’s work.