Not everyone was thrilled about Doja Cat’s recent good news. Drake has obviously dominated the music industry for years as he’s won awards, broken records, and set himself apart in a category all his own. The OVO Sound mogul has a dedicated fanbase that often goes to bat for him, so much so that some target other artists on social media.

We previously reported on the news that Doja Cat has surpassed Drake as the rapper with the most monthly listeners on Spotify, and his fans did not skip a beat in expressing their disapproval.

<a href="/profile/Lil-<a href="/profile/Nas" class="text-word" target="_blank" >Nas</a>-X" class="text-word" target="_blank" >Lil Nas X</a> Reponds To "Worst Generation Of Music Ever" Critic Following Spotify Report
Rich Fury / Staff / Getty Images

One person caught Lil Nas X’s attention after Pop Base tweeted that he and Doja both had the most monthly listeners on Spotify. “The worst era of music ever,” the person wrote. Nas X replied, “It’s crazy how every single generation says this when a new era of music approaches. like it’s millions of artists out, nobody forcing y’all to listen to anyone.”

Politician Frangell Basora told Lil Nas X to use the criticism as an opportunity to “level up.”

“You get what he means, though. That Drake and Nicki era was absolutely everything — and then the Jay and Eminem era before then. Use the criticism to level up,” he said. “Make the music that’s on the level of the people who’ve inspired you to make music in the first place. Don’t settle.” Check it out below.