Kanye West had a few words for Kim Kardashian as of late, and it all stems from the TikTok account that was made for his daughter North. Kanye is adamant that children should not be on the social media app, especially his own. Despite this, Kim K has insisted on keeping the TikTok account alive, and she and North seem to be having a blast on it these days. 

Despite this, Kanye still took to Instagram just about an hour ago where he wrote “SINCE THIS IS MY FIRST DIVORCE I NEED TO KNOW WHAT I SHOULD DO ABOUT MY DAUGHTER BEING PUT ON TIK TOK AGAINST MY WILL?”

Since that time, Kim has replied with a message of her own, on her Instagram story. As you can see below, Kim is fed up with Kanye’s antics, and she just wants to let North be happy. Kardashian understands that divorce is difficult, but she’s not going to let it affect her children more than it already has.

Per Kim K:

“Kanye’s constant attacks on me in interviews and on social media is actually more hurtful than any TikTok North might create. As the parent who is the main provider and caregiver for our children, I am doing my best to protect our daughter while also allowing her to express her creativity in the medium that she wishes with adult supervision — because it brings her so much happiness. Divorce is difficult enough on our children and Kanye’s obsession with trying to control and manipulate our situation so negatively and publicly is only causing further pain for all. From the beginning, I have wanted nothing but a healthy and supportive co-parenting relationship because it is what is best for our children and it saddens me that Kanye continues to make it impossible every step of the way.”

Kim Kardashian Slams Kanye West For North West TikTok Criticism
Image via Instagram

At this point, it doesn’t seem like a solution is going to present itself anytime soon. Stay tuned to HNHH, as we will be sure to bring you updates on the Kardashian-West drama.