Robin Thicke & Rapsody Recall Real Friendship On "Day One Friend"

Are you a day one? Or just a debut?

BYTaiyo Coates
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It's been roughly a year since the release of Robin Thicke's most recent offering On Earth, and in Heaven. He released a few singles between then and now, including a festive feature titled "Perfect Holiday." The positive energy continues its prevalence, with "Day One Friend" being a jubilant reference to those who have been a part of your world from the jump, and those that stuck around in the midst of life's mayhem. Rapsody comes through to deliver her outlook as well, making for a well rounded offering from the seasoned R&B artist.

Rapsody handles the intro of the song, which was a fantastic idea, due to her engaging presence and vivacity. Regardless of the topic at hand, Rapsody is one of the most impressive lyricists on the planet right now. Full stop. Her understanding of pace and use of homonyms served her well here, as the word "day" was incorporated consistently and creatively. The verse fit thematically, and really opened up the song for Robin Thicke to do what he does best.

Following Rapsody's verse, Robin Thicke enters with a smooth and soulful serenade. While the track is obviously directed towards non-romamtic interactions, the love is still abundant both sonically and lyrically. The track doesn't overdo anything, and there's almost no rigidity to be found. When you've been singing and performing for as long as Robin has, you typically gain insight into what works, and when to do it. While the rest of the song doesn't have the tenacity Rapsody provided, it's a springtime easy-listen, perfect for the weather which will surely break soon.

Quotable Lyrics

Few day ones, I don't even talk to(two),
If you don't know my mama, then you just a debut,
Newcomer tryna act like you really paid dues,
You ain't seen me at my worst,
Ain't dropped everything when I called, had genuine love since the first

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