It’s a story as old as time: artist links with Cash Money, artist creates music for Cash Money, artist is never paid for said work, artist sues Birdman/Cash Money. That’s exactly what’s going down in the latest Birdman-targeted lawsuit, filed by producer DVLP, who worked with Lil Wayne.

TMZ reports that the producer is owed $200,000 for work he did on Lil Wayne’s albums as well as other CM artists. DVLP has attempted to resolve the issue with Birdman, however Baby just plies him with whatever he wants to hear (namely: “I’m getting yu paid”). The two had a back-and-forth via text message, where Birdman told the producer he was taking care of him, although nothing ever happened. This is slightly reminiscent of the responses Birdman gave Angie Martinez in his recent interview— he basically just repeated a phrase or two (“that’s my son”), and never truly responded at all.

Obviously these responses weren’t cutting it for DVLP, so he went the legal route. View a screenshot of some of Birdman and the producer’s text messages above. Among his assurances, Birdman wrote, “You gone get tht 200k,” “I’m working with yu fam,” “Gettin yu paid homey all THT other shit savit.”

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Producer Sues Birdman For Stiffing Him $200,000