Speaking candidly in a recent interview with DJ Vlad, Juvenile reveals the origin of signing with Cash Money Records back in 1991. He say he signed for $2,000 a week, and quit his 9 to 5 after that. He also talks about how it was just him, BG and Lil Wayne on the roster when he came in.

“When they signed me, they let all the artist on the label go. And kept BG and Wayne,” Juvenile said. “This the new Cash Money” he added.

Then he spoke about having a good paying job when he was approached by Cash Money, saying he needed $2,000 a week in order to leave it. “I was coming from work. I had my hard hat on with me. Man what kind job do you got? Im working on plants, backward & forth. Working for on-site environmental. I do turn arounds,” Juve said before being asked if he made good money. “Yeah I’m making a lot of money. Enough money that I don’t want to quit my job to rap,” he added.

“Look, if you can pay me two grand a week, I’ll quit my job. Matter of fact ill take a leave of absence right now and start going to the studio,” he said. “He called me back the next morning and said its a deal.”


This news comes just a day or two after Juvenile called out rapper Young Buck, which you can read about right here. “I hate Young Buck, fam. Buck is a b*tch ass n*gga. We ain’t gon’ talk about Buck at all. Period.”