It looks as if Royce Da 5'9" still has issues with DJ Vlad of VladTV. The Slaughterhouse icon has regularly expressed his discontent with Vlad and some of the content he produces, including Vlad's remarks about Minister Louis Farrakhan and comments about Eminem. Recently, Royce once again took to social media to speak about why he believes Vlad's platform needs to be "eliminated."

A clip of Juvenile's interview with VladTV went viral where the Louisiana rapper shared his feelings about Young Buck. The video shows Vlad referencing his previous interview with Buck, but Juvenile interrupted him.

"Buck is a b*tch. I hate Buck," said Juvenile. "I hate Young Buck, fam. Buck is a b*tch ass n*gga. We ain't gon' talk about Buck at all. Period." Vlad said, "Okay, fair enough," before someone off-screen told Vlad that he's "asking all the wrong questions." The host apologized. “Just ask me about me,” Juvenile chimed in. ”Don’t throw names out there like that. It was your interview he done that really made me trigger back to like, f*ck him. Like, I really, f*ck him for real, fam.”

The person off-screen also added that they were looking to have a positive interview. Royce Da 5'9" reshared the snippet and advised people to pay attention to what was being said. "How he’s choosing to handle Buck is his choice but I’d be remiss not to point out that we get so triggered by each other and we are so quick to cut each other off, we forgetting that there’s a common denominator here," wrote Royce.

"Eliminate Vlad because his platform is a direct threat to our strength," he added. "We don’t need him... [shrug emoji] #unityisstrength [open hand emoji]." Check it out below.