We’ve been getting insight into Kanye West’s texting habits in recent times. It all began over a week ago when Kanye shared a  screenshot of a message he sent in a group text that appeared to include both Drake and Virgil Abloh. Kanye West, who creates a new paragraph for every sentence, was seemingly frustrated by the idea of Drake receiving a customized watch from Virgil Abloh with green diamonds.

Kanye West Allegedly Fires "DONDA" Engineer In Curt Text Message
Brad Barket/Getty Images 

Today, Akademiks shared an apparent text message between Kanye West and a former engineer who was working on the Donda album. Unfortunately, the tight schedule that Kanye was working on wasn’t entirely manageable for the engineer who ended up being late. However, the engineer was quite transparent the whole time. 

“Good morning

Let’s work,” one message from Kanye West reads at 9:34 a.m.

After not receiving an answer for nearly two hours, Kanye informed the engineer that they’ve been fired. “Go home,” ‘Ye added.

The engineer offered an apologetic text to Kanye West explaining that their alarm didn’t go off. “I’m really sorry. I have no excuse I set an alarm for 7:30 am. And for whever reason my phone wasn’t alerting me I woke up at 11:08 to missed calls and got dressed as fast as I could Lou was already in his way to get boogz and they just got here,” the first message read.

“I didn’t call back right away cause I was in a panic trying to find a ride. I know this is unacceptable… I’m sorry,” the follow up message read.

Despite being late to practically every single set he’s performed in the majority of his career, Kanye still apparently has a zero-tolerance policy for tardiness among his collaborators.

“Stop texting

Go find God,” Kanye allegedly replied.

As the internet erupted in laughter, T.I. chimed in under Akademiks post. “The ‘Go find God’ is a keeper tho,” he wrote.

Peep Kanye’s alleged exchange with his engineer and T.I,’s response below. 


Kanye West Allegedly Fires "DONDA" Engineer In Curt Text Message