EST Gee has had one hell of a year, and he’s angling himself to level up again in 2022. With the year soon coming to a close, rappers are looking to end their annual campaigns with a bang, including Lousiville’s EST Gee, who released his new single “Lamborghini Geeski” on Friday.

The music video is expected to arrive shortly, but EST Gee’s latest low-key banger is already available on all digital streaming platforms. Produced by his go-to beatmaker ForeveRolling, Geeski goes on for nearly three minutes, reminding everybody of his Lamborghini-referencing nickname. 

This is the perfect way to cap off his breakout year. Check out EST Gee’s new single “Lamborghini Geeski” below and let us know what you think of it.

EST Gee Drops New Single "Lamborghini Geeski"

Quotable Lyrics:

Rappers be friendly in they cities tryna tap in with me
I pull that switch out like his pop’s n***as keep acting silly
Take care of my n***as, I give cash and tracks to 3-4 members
Salute the real ones, said fuck sucka shit and stood on business