BROCKHAMPTON’s Merlyn Wood Ignites Solo Career With “S.Y.K.”

Merlyn releases his first solo song in four years.

BYThomas Galindo
BROCKHAMPTON’s Merlyn Wood Ignites Solo Career With “S.Y.K.”blur mask

BROCKHAMPTON's impeccable run as a hip-hop leaning, self-proclaimed boyband will soon come to an end, as frontman Kevin Abstract has announced on several occasions. Since 2017, they have captivated rap fans with an unmatched charisma and diverse cast of members. 

Of those members, Merlyn Wood stands out as the most entertaining and unhinged of them all. While a handful of BROCKHAMPTON's members like to dabble in solo work, he has not dropped any solo music since the band's memorable run began four years ago. That changed this week.

As the BH boys look to the future once the band's premeditated split happens, Merlyn is already cooking up his solo work, starting with "S.Y.K."

"S.Y.K." is produced by relatively unknown producer CONNIE, who Merlyn boasts about several times throughout the track. Lasting around three minutes, the song opens with CONNIE's producer tag "CONNIE are you f**king kidding me?" as Merlyn's trademark powerful presence is felt soon after.

Obviously, the A$AP Mob influence rubbed off on Merlyn, as the production consists of in-your-face 808s similar to a song from a Cozy Tapes record and A$AP Ferg album. If you recall, both Ferg and A$AP Rocky landed features onto BROCKHAMPTON's last project ROADRUNNER, so Merlyn could have taken a strong liking to their sound.

Merlyn's repetitive hook on the track is intensely delivered, and on brand for Merlyn's spontaneous, electric style. He does an exceptional job of carrying an entire song by himself, where usually he is given half-minute portions on any BH song.

Check out Merlyn Wood's new single with CONNIE below.

Quotable Lyrics
Man, these rappers always tryna be too friendly
Only friend that I need, Mr. Benjamin
Six, six, six feet away from me
Hey, play with your kids, boy, don't play with me

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