Kevin Abstract

Real Name
Clifford Ian Simpson
Date of Birth
Jul. 16, 1996 - Age 27
Corpus Christi, Texas

Artist Bio

Kevin Abstract's career began all the way back in the early 2010s when he was working with a group called AliveSinceForever, which would eventually disband in 2014 and become what is now known as Brockhampton. In the midst of Brockhampton's formation, Abstract was working on his solo work and in 2014, he dropped his debut album, MTV1987. A couple of years later, Abstract came through with American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story which is an album that showcased Abstract's vulnerable side as he spoke in-depth about his sexuality and how that translates to acceptance in hip-hop.

Following these solo projects, Abstract enjoyed massive success with Brockhampton as the group dropped the Saturation series, as well as albums like Iridescence and Ginger. Brockhampton is now an international success and Abstract is seen as the face of the group. Fans continue to yearn for solo work from him and in 2019 he delivered with the ARIZONA baby project.

It remains to be seen what's in store for Abstract and the rest of Brockhampton but considering their early output, it's clear that bright futures are ahead.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images