It’s been quite some time now since YNW Melly was first indicted on double homicide charges after being accused of murdering his associates and longtime friends YNW Sakchaser and YNW Juvey along with YNW Bortlen. He was further accused of setting up the murder scene to make it appear like a drive-by shooting. 

He was arrested in February of 2019 on the murder charges and later plead not guilty in March. In April of the same year, Florida prosecutors filed paperwork signaling their intentions to seek the death penalty against the 22-year-old. Although he remains behind bars, he’s been pretty consistent with new releases since being locked up. Friend of the accused murderer and fellow rapper Fredo Bang recently gave an update on Melly while being interviewed on VladTV. 

Fredo Bang Says YNW Melly Is "In Good Spirits" & Working On An Album

Broward’s Sheriff’s Office via Getty Images

After being asked by VladTV host Vlad Lyubovny if he and Melly have stayed in contact during his prison stint, Fredo gave an update on his friend’s experience behind bars. “Yeah, a little bit,” he answered. “He in good spirits, he working on his album right now, tryna put an album together and put it out.”

The two continue to discuss how talented Melly is, and what a shame it is that he’s locked up. In the video, a clip from a previous interview with Track, Melly’s manager, is included where he promotes his innocence.

While Fredo remained pretty tight-lipped about discussing any details regarding Melly’s case or innocence, he did go on to say, “A song we had was supposed to have King Von.”  

Sadly, I guess we’ll truly never know what a YNW Melly x Fredo Bang x King Von track would’ve sounded like. Are you looking forward to hearing new music from Melly? Let us know down below.