It’s crazy to think that Doja Cat has gone from her “Moo” viral days to becoming a Grammy-nominated artist, but here we are. The Los Angeled-based pop icon has been tearing up the music industry with each release, and her collaborations with fellow artists like SZA and Saweetie have further pushed her star status. Doja’s “Say So” catapulted up the charts thanks to a TikTok challenge, and now the Billboard cover star is sharing more about her forthcoming album, Planet Her.

“To get me out of this weird, cocky mindset, I felt like I needed to do goofy sh-t to level my mind and keep myself sane, in a way,” said Doja. Because she grew up watching actors like Jim Carrey, Doja likes to keep things light-hearted and fun.

Elsewhere, it’s confirmed that The Weeknd would be making an appearance on Planet Her and the XO mogul offered his praise to his fellow singer. “Doja is a star, and has created a unique universe you just want to lose yourself in,” said The Weeknd. “She’s got such drive and vast creative vision that we will be seeing her impact for a very long time to come.”

Check out a few more shots from her Billboard cover feature and let us know if you’re looking forward to hearing what The Weeknd and Doja Cat have cooked up.