Their “Kiss Me More” collaboration has been a favorite among fans and Doja Cat is now explaining how she linked up with SZA for the single. Doja recently released the Planet Her track featuring the Top Dawg Entertainment songbird and during an interview with Capital XTRA Breakfast with Yinka and Shayna Marie, Doja revealed that she had SZA in mind when she was creating the record.

“I feel like me and SZA are similar in the way that we’re kinda like, we both grew up with spiritual kind of, spiritual backgrounds, but, I mean, she was perfect for this song,” the singer shared.

“I feel like I say this every time. She was in my heart when I wrote this and I needed her to be on the hook, and I needed her to put a verse because she brings just, a depth to everything that she does,” Doja added. “I went in writing the song, thinking it was just going to be about kissing and have silly, goofy metaphors for kissing, and things like that, but she took it to a level of like, I need love. Like, I need to be loved better. Like, I need more love than what you’re giving to me. So, that kind of vibe I feel like is important.”

“Kiss Me More” is the lead single from Planet Her and incorporates Doja’s futuristic, space travel concept that she’s been continuing during her promotion of the forthcoming project. Doja has been secretive about features on the album, but she recently revealed that she has a collaboration with The Weeknd on the record. Watch Doja Cat’s interview below.