DaniLeigh isn’t having a very good year on social media. The rapper is multi-talented but she’s been facing the wrath of the internet for a few different reasons. For several months, she was romantically involved with rapper DaBaby, being criticized for their cringe-worthy partnership on Twitter and Instagram. Embracing her “most-hated” status, she got wrapped up in colorism accusations when a preview of her unreleased song “Yellow Bone” was posted, in which she says, “Yellow bone, that’s what he wants”.

"Snowfall" Actor's Response To DaniLeigh Gets Rapper To Delete Her Tweet
Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

In the past, DaniLeigh has been adamant about her heritage, claiming that she’s 39% west African. Her response to the “Yellow Bone” controversy got her in even deeper hot water and now, it’s become a trend to tease the artist about her numerous controversies– especially as it pertains to the colorism controversy.

Following the renewal of FX’s Snowfall for a fifth season, DaniLeigh said that she couldn’t get behind the hype. “Am I the only one that can’t get into snowfall,” she asked on Twitter. Immediately, she was destroyed with a response from one of the show’s actors Amin Joseph. “It’s a black thang, you wouldn’t understand,” he replied. 



The comment won him some serious points on Black Twitter and on blog accounts like The Shade Room, who reposted the exchange for their millions of followers to interact with.

Did she set herself up for this one?