It's been a few months now since we have lost John Singleton. The late producer's unfortunate passing of John Singleton occurred roughly a month ago now. The producer and screenwriter succumbed to a stroke last month which followed with a coma. He remained under careful watch at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Eventually, his family made the difficult decision to take him off life support. Moreover, the ensuing loss of the director profoundly impacted the world of African American film as Singleton's iconic works often spoke on the untold experiences of black and brown folks.

And since the producer's loss, one of his television shows Snowfall spoke on keeping him as a producer in the credits posthumously due to his lasting impact on the series. To further honour him, the show just announced it would be paying tribute to the creative by having his son on the show. Sources close to the production just confirmed the FX series did an entire rewrite of the third season finale to include a young John Singleton into the story, yielded from his pre-Boyz N The Hood days. Moreover, the late director's 1-year-old son Seven will also make a cameo in the series 10th episode. The producer previously shared he wanted to have his son on the show at some point, thus it is good to see the show making his wish come true after his passing.