Independent hip-hop artist Tray Haggerty is back with new music, premiering his latest video for “Walking Lick” on Wednesday via HNHH. The Dallas-born, LA-based rapper has been grinding for years, and he’s coming through with an important rule for anybody starting to experience some success: Don’t become a walking lick.

“Everything I have I really built out the mud, so why would I let someone come and take this from me?” says Tray Haggerty about his new video. “Like I ain’t put my blood sweat and tears in this. I was brought up working 20x harder than the next man, because you never know who wants to be in your shoes… or what they’ll do to get in ‘em. The one thing I was never gonna do is let someone turn me into no lick. Not no stranger, not no woman, nobody. That’s Rule #1. Don’t be a Walking Lick.”

His exciting new single brings that philosophy to the forefront, and Tray shows that he won’t ever become a walking lick because he’s the one carrying out a lick of his own. In the video, his team disables alarms, avoids lasers, and immobilizes security to carry out their mission. All the while, they watch behind their backs to make sure they don’t lose their pivot.

If you’re a fan of artists like Roddy Ricch, Guapdad 4000, and others, you’ll probably like “Walking Lick” by Tray Haggerty. Check it out above.

Tray Haggerty Warns Against Becoming A "Walking Lick" In New Video