Late last year, Asian Doll released her brand new single “Nunnadet Sh*t” on her 24th birthday in December. Released a month after the passing of her former flame King Von, the track gained traction on the short-form video-based social media app TikTok, becoming a popular sound used by creators on the platform. 

As with many artists who go viral on the platform do–namely Mooski with his star-studded “Track Star” video, the Dallas native announced a fiery remix to the hit single. Ahead of its release, she also took to Instagram to share a scrapped verse from BIA that failed to make it to the final cut, earning criticism from people who praised the verse. The rapper took to Twitter again to clarify what the deal really is.

“I shared her verse with y’all when I didn’t have to except the sh*t & move on or what til I speak the reason why other then that shut the F*ck up,” penned Asian on Twitter, clearly fed up with allegations that she had a hand in scrapping the verse on the remix, which features additional verses from Ivorian Doll, DreamDoll, Dreezy, and Rubi Rose. 

In the original post sharing BIA’s verse, the Dallas emcee penned, “My sister [BIA] verse didn’t make it but I just want the world to hear her shit SHE KILLED IT & even tho Bia makes a different type of music she held her own & had the 1st verse I wanted y’all to understand that this is what being a artist is all about stepping out your comfort zone & thats exactly what she did.”

While no one is entirely sure why BIA’s verse didn’t make the final cut, many speculate her label simply didn’t clear the feature in time. Either way, one thing that is for certain is that there’s no beef between the emcees. 

What are your thoughts?