Immediately after the news was shared that King Von was murdered in Atlanta last November, Asian Doll has been honoring his legacy. The pair were once in a relationship and loved each other, so Asian Doll not only shared videos where the two exchanged affections, but she got an impressive, life-like image of his face tattooed with an iced-out chain to match.

Yet, the rapper has been criticized for posting about the late rising Chicago star as people told her that she was overdoing it with her emotions. Doll remained steadfast and has continued to boast about Von, even warring with his family members about their relationship. The Hip Hop community has witnessed much of this go down on social media, and Foolio decided it's something that he doesn't want.

"Real sh*t. If somethin' ever happen to me, bro, don't be an Asian Doll," he said in a video. "If you know what we was on and we didn't talk like that, don't be extra. For real. Don't be on that Asian [Doll]." Akademiks reposted the clip and it didn't take long for people to weigh in. In another video, Foolio added, "Y'all gotta stop that fake ass sh*t."

It was recently shared by Von's sister that a woman is carrying the late rapper's child and they celebrated her baby shower. Following the news, Asian Doll responded by giving her timeline of her relationship with Von, adding that they broke up in October, not long before he was killed. Check out Foolio's videos below and let us know if you agree with him.