King Von's sister Kayla revealed that the family attended a baby shower for the late rapper's alleged baby mama, who claims to be pregnant with his child. "Wish he was here 2 be with us," said Kayla, revealing that they bought her a new car and house as her push present. 

In the months following King Von's passing, rapper Asian Doll has connected herself to the Chicago drill star, even going so far as to rename herself "Queen Von" on social media. She was romantically involved with the rapper during his life but they were broken up for a few months before his death, reuniting several days before his shooting according to a previous interview. Asian Doll saw the news about her ex-boyfriend's baby on the way and she made sure to send a message to her followers on Twitter, telling them that she's not bothered about him having a baby with another woman.

"I wasn’t with Von June, July, August, September or October I started back seeing him the end of November when he booked me for a show," explained the Dallas-raised artist. "So nothing going on is affecting me in no way literally I still love him he not here & we was once deeply inlove so I’ll aways be here 4L.

Nobody had a baby on me baby’s came after me & before me I had a choice twice I ain’t want that life I’m good how I’m doing now but fasho I’ll never have no hate towards dayvon Bennett he’s forever living through me & forever in my heart til I die."

Check out Asian Doll's tweets below. What do you think of her response?