Soulja Boy Denies Abusing Jane Doe, Wants Lawsuit Tossed Out: Report

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Soulja Boy, Lawsuit
Months ago, an unidentified woman who says she dated the rapper filed a lawsuit against him, accusing him of physical & sexual abuse.

His Verzuz appearance alongside Bow Wow is still the talk of social media and Soulja Boy has been riding high with the viral success of "She Make It Clap," however, he still faces a lawsuit from an unnamed woman. Back in May, Jane Doe filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles against the rapper, alleging that she endured physical and sexual abuse during their previous relationship. The woman also accused Soulja of being responsible for her miscarriage, adding that the alleged assault did permanent damage to her reproductive organs.

Radar Online reportedly took a look at court documents filed by Soulja Boy where he responded to the lawsuit, denying that the allegations while asking the court to toss out his accuser's suit altogether.

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"Doe says she had been in a long-term relationship with Soulja where she experienced multiple incidents of assault," reported RO. "His ex said Soulja, 'threatened her life and engaged in other forms of domestic violence during and after they lived together.'" She stated that the rapper allegedly punched her in the "face and chest, until she could no longer stand on her feet." 

The documents from her lawyer tell harrowing stories that accuse Soulja of purposefully kicking the woman in her pregnant stomach. However, Soulja's lawyer has stated his client denies these vicious accusations.

His lawyer reportedly wrote, “With respect to all causes of action, even if someone is liable for improper or illegal conduct, a fact which Defendant denies, Defendant is in no way or manner vicariously liable for that conduct.” They added, that the “willful, intentional, deliberate, malicious and fraudulent conduct of others was/were responsible for and proximately contributed to the damages alleged to have been sustained.”

This isn't the only lawsuit of this kind that Soulja Boy is facing. Last year, a woman named Kayla Myers, purported to be the rapper's ex, sued him, alleging that he tied her up with extension cords and assaulted her the previous year. He reportedly denied those accusations as well. Later, police investigated Soulja's home and located firearms, resulting in his 240-day sentence before he was released in the summer of 2019.


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