Hip Hop officially has a new couple and the reactions from fans have been…interesting. Days ago, Coi Leray and Pressa looked mighty cozy as they posed together on social media. Video clips of them dancing and hugged up together went viral, and soon, people were reacting to the pair going public. Leray’s star has been on the rise since she released her “No More Parties” hit, and Pressa has been poised as the new “it” rapper to hail from Toronto.

While the happy couple was thrilled to share their cute moments with the public, the internet responded by criticizing how Pressa looks.


The trolls came out in droves to talk about Coi’s new man and overwhelmingly, people remarked that he looked feminine. Many claimed they thought he was a lesbian or stud, but both rappers seem to brush the comments off. Leray eventually returned to Twitter to address the attention with one tweet that shut down jokesters.

“People saying pressa look like a girl till they see that Mf dick print,” Leray wrote. The reactions were swift and some people continued with negativity, but it’s obvious that Leray and Pressa are doing just fine. Check out her tweet, along with a few reactions, below.